Luxury / Apparel / Footwear

  • $600 billion global counterfeit fashion marketencompasses huge risks to both brands & consumers
  • Kramaa Platform utilizes IoT chips / inlays to create a unique & unforgeable Digital identity
  • Track & trace the product through supply chain & maintain a secured record of its journey (provenance)
  • Consumers can verify authenticationof products using

Smart Cities

  • Smart cities integrate a digital city & IoT (embedded sensors) so that individuals & infrastructure can collaborate to efficiently manage resources
  • Blockchain integration will reduce risk of IoT devices being compromised & create greater transparency, immutability & security to all processes
  • Applications include transport management, digital identity, smart energy, smart payments, waste management & process automation

Consumer Electronics

  • Asset identity & registration for Anti-Counterfeiting solutions
  • Provides Digital Identity for Ownership of Goods
  • Track & race & the transfer of ownership across the supply chain & maintain secure record on blockchain
  • Automate process through smart contracts


  • Asset identity registration, track & trace, anti-counterfeit, & privacy solutions for supply chains
  • Blockchain provides visibility across entire supply chains, from individual ingredients to the patient to which it was prescribed

Fine Art / Collectibles

  • Authenticate unique identity of the artworks by registering them on the blockchain & create a digital identity for the asset
  • Manage assets & trace history of the artwork's ownership through secured record of provenance
  • Digital identity & tokenization will enhanceliquidity& create avenues for fund raise & royalty revenues

F&B / Dairy / Wines

  • Increase efficiency, transparency and collaboration throughout the food system
  • Track & trace through the supply chain & manage a secured record of provenanceto mitigate adulteration & enhance traceability
  • Consumers can verify authentication of products using a smart phone app

Jewelry / Precious Metals

  • Identify & track jewelry / precious metals across the supply chain from origin to retail via digital certification & smart contracts
  • Provides an audit trail of an asset by bringing together various stakeholders including miners, refiners, manufacturers, insurance companies, financiers, traders, third party verifiers, law enforcement & claimants


  • Track & Trace - Product can be assigned a unique identifier at start of the supply chain& tied to a utility token that is time-stamped as it moves through the supply chain, with the movement of that item stored on the blockchain archive
  • Provenance - Smartphone users can check the unique ID to reveal its history & its origins to ensure it was responsibility sourced or produced