IoT Registry Platform

IoT Platform

  • Blockchain Layer – Hybrid
    (Permissioned + Private)

  • Smart Contract + Application

  • Open API's to incorporate your existing platform or new customized application

  • Desktop, Android, & iOS Clients to commission, verify, send & receive IoT devices & products.

  • Physical Layer - IoT devices / Sensors & Actuators (Light / pressure / motion / temperature / humidity etc.)

  • Application Layer – Pharma, Jewelry, F&B, Luxury, Art

Platform Features & Benefits

  • Register unique strong cryptographic identity and record transaction on the blockchain
  • Transfer of custody as immutable transactions on a ledger
  • Unique ownership of a trading item across the supply chain
  • Privacy and no loss of business intelligence
  • Complies with GS-1 standards
  • Compliance with track and trace regulations
  • Easier reconciliation of exceptions
  • Extensible platform for supply business transformation
  • Open specifications
  • Built on a blockchain
  • Improved security of information
  • Greater transparency and consumer trust
  • Faster settlement of payments
  • Increased efficiency in trading of goods
  • Reduced reconciliation costs in inventory and vendor management
  • Reduced cost of compliance
  • Authenticated chains of custody
  • Ensured high quality parts and goods
  • Seamless location verification